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School Uniform

All ākonga/Learners are to wear school uniform at all times unless there is a very good reason for them not wearing it. 'Parts' of uniform are not acceptable, including footwear. ākonga/Learners must have a note of explanation.

ākonga/Learners are not permitted to wear long pants on grassed areas, including the different playing fields.

Jewellery (other than ear studs (maximum 1 per ear), a watch, taonga of cultural significance) is not permitted for safety reasons. Should parents insist on their child wearing nose studs or any other jewellery that poses a safety risk to their child, they must write a letter to the Principal stating that they will take full responsibility for any injuries incurred.

These can be purchased from The Warehouse, Takanini Village.

Or purchase them online from The Warehouse.


Year 0-1 stationery is available for purchase from the school. All stationery comes ready packed in a book bag at the cost of $28.

Year 2 - 8 stationery is available from The Warehouse Stationery in the Takanini Village. Below are the stationery lists for each year group: