School Programmes

Junior School Programme - Rōpū Kei

The Junior School caters for Year 0 to Year 3 ākonga/learners. It has a strong emphasis upon developing literacy and numeracy. It is important to get such skills established at an early age. As the need occurs pre school visits are arranged in order to ensure a smooth transition between pre-school and school.

Middle School Programme - Rōpū Waenga

The Middle School caters for Year 4 to Year 6. These years are a consolidation of the skills they have learnt in the junior area. They have an exciting programme in place, which caters for all students with a variety of abilities and interests.

Senior School Programme - Rōpū Ihu

The Senior School caters for Year 7 to Year 8. In these years the ākonga/learner are exposed to a wide range of experiences, which encourage risk taking and making wise choices. They are well prepared for their time at college.

Physical Education

Ākonga/Learners require shorts daily for fitness and sport. Ākonga/Learners are not permitted to play on grassed areas in long pants.


The teaching of swimming as part of our classroom work takes place throughout the year. We expect all our ākonga/learners to bring their togs and take part, as swimming is part of the school curriculum.

Ribbon Assemblies / Prize Giving / Parents Assemblies

These are held each term to celebrate the term’s work. Ribbons are issued to award winners from each class – hence the name. A junior and senior prize giving is held at the end of each year.

Other Activities

A number of other activites are held during breaks. These include Jump Jam, and Environmental.


All ākonga/learners are expected to do homework from Year 1 – 8, Monday – Thursday. For junior ākonga/learners, this is mainly reading but increases in diversity and amount as ākonga/learners move up the school. Policies on homework will come home with the newsletter in March. All ākonga/learners are expected to complete homework as part of the school programme.

Enrichment Classes - Waka Haumako

We have four Maori Enrichment classes - One for Year 3 /4, two for Year 5 /6 and one for Year 7/8. These classes are exposed to a more significant amount of Te Reo Māori, Te Ao Māori and Māori Tikanga.


This is open every day. Nadia Gillbanks, one of our learning assistants, runs a fabulous library to assist our ākonga/learners in developing their literacy skills.

Gifted and Talented Ākonga/Learners

Are identified and catered for in classrooms. In addition a range of extra activities are

offered during the year.


Programmes operate for ākonga/learners with English as a second language who meet requirements.

Priority Ākonga/Learners

At the beginning of each year ākonga/Learners are identified who require extra assistance and where ever possible are included in our Special Assistance Programmes.

Launchpad/Bible Classes

Takes place once a month Year 5 – 6 children. This is held in the classroom. Permission slips will be sent home requesting your permission for your tamaiti/child to take part.


We operate a senior, middle and a junior choir. Auditions are held for these.

Bollywood Group

An Indian dance group operates.

Polynesian Group

A Junior and Senior group operate focusing on Pacific Island dance.

Kapa Haka

We have a Junior, Middle and a Senior School Kapa Haka group.

Year 7/8 Extension Maths Group

Gifted Mathematicians in the Year 7/8 team are identified and selected for our Year 7/8 Extension Maths Group. In this class, there is a focus on developing critical problem solving skills.