Our Junior Colleagues

As a Normal School, our school works closely with the University of Auckland and other institutes in the training of kaiako/teachers. This means that we have a number of training kaiako or, as we refer to them, junior colleagues that train and work alongside our kaiako around the school throughout each year.

Third Year Junior Colleagues


Alex Martin

Room  8
Year 5/6

Amie Jeffrey

Room 21
Year 2

Anne Loay

Room 18
Year 3

Daniel Southam

Room 10
Year 4

Eilidh Groenestein

Room 4
Year 7/8

Holly Brown

Room 2
Year 7/8

Rosetta Masui

Room 19
Year 2

Classroom Kaiako/Teachers

Rōpū Kei - Years 1 to 3
Kaiārahi/Leader - Mrs. Shareen Prakesh
Assistant Leader - TBC

Miss. Lucie Wilson

Room 23
Year 1

Mrs. Monika Aggarwal

Room 24
Year 1

Mrs. Romika Prasad

Room 25
New Entrants

Miss. Justine Carruthers

Room 26
Year 1

Mrs. Namita Swami

Room 27
Year 1

Mrs. Manjula Chand

Room 19
Year 2

Miss. Amandeep Kaur

Room 20
Year 2

Mrs. Sonia Morris

Room 21
Year 2

Mrs. Shareen Prakesh

Room 22
Year 2

Miss. Melissa West

Room 16
Year 3

Miss. Nadine Gopal

Room 17
Year 3

Ms. Melissa Paris

Room 18
Year 3

Rōpū Waenga - Years 4 to 6
Kaiārahi/Leader - Mr. Rajneel Chand
Assistant Leader - Whaea Claire Fellows

Theodora Tuisaemo

Waka Haumako Whā
Year 3/4

Mr. Ron Gonzales

Room 9
Year 4

Ms. Noeline Marks

Room 10
Year 4

Ms. Bhavisha Punja

Room 15
Year 4/5

Mrs. Ankia Ambrose

Room 7
Year 5/6

Mr. Rajneel Chand

Room 8
Year 5/6

Mrs. Dilani Arawe

Room 11
Year 5/6

Mrs. Babita Gounder

Room 12
Year 5/6

Mr. Ravikash Rattan

Room 13
Year 5/6

Whaea Melany Close

Waka Haumako Rua
Year 5/6

Whaea Claire Fellows

Waka Haumako Toru
Year 5/6

Rōpū Ihu - Years  7/8
Kaiārahi/Leader - Mrs. Nelam Raj

Mr. Zane Cooper

Room 1

Miss. Jess Jarvie


Mr. Paul Hollard

Room 2
Year 7/8

Mrs. Riza Quisel

Room 3
Year 7/8

Mrs. Nelam Raj

Room 4
Year 7/8

Mrs. Sandhya Powell

Room 5
Year 7/8

Mrs. Roseanne Emery

Room 6 (Term 1)
Year 7/8

Mrs. Ashna Chand

Room 6 (Term 2-4)
Year 7/8

Matua Jaemen Busby

Waka Haumako Tahi
Year 7/8


Mrs. Dianne Parry

School Secretary

Mrs. Carleen Robinson

Ākonga Services Officer

Mrs. Avril Johnston

Accounts Administrator

Mrs. Shona Paul

Kaikohi Raraunga


Mr. Tim Nordstrand


Mr. Josh Williams

Assistant Caretaker

Learning Assistants
Kaiārahi/Leader - Mrs. Michaela Williams

Michaela Williams

Anna Pulis

Helen Fitzpatrick

Hollie Hesp

Mandy Henson

Nadia Gillbanks

Sharee Gahan

Annie Davies

Theresa Dunn

Swetha Pothunuru

Alosia Pitone

Chitra Tiwari

Angela Kitzen

Lotte Kaars

Part Time Kaiako/Teachers & Specialists

Marlene van der Merwe
Resource Teacher of Literacy

Glenys Mason
Testing/Reading Tutoring

Jen Martinovich
Sports/Release Kaiako

Frances Kitzen
Release Kaiako

Cathy Wilson

Kathy  Danielz
Relationships First/Release

Cheryl McLeod
Release Kaiako

Upuli  Arachchige
Release Kaiako