BYOD Yr 5-8

The Ministry of Education believes that technology is changing fast and our education system needs to grow and adapt with it. This requires changes in how we equip our ākonga and young people to participate, create, and thrive in this fast-evolving digital world.

Based on this need, from 2019, all Year 5/6 and Yr7/8 Intermediate Academy classes at Papakura Normal School will be Blended E-Learning Classes. This means that our ākonga are given the opportunity to develop a range of digital skills and understand that technology gives them different tools to integrate with other important skills and values to enhance their learning. This will prepare them for a world where digital skills are increasingly valuable to the economy and wider society. We have included some answers to some frequently asked questions on the reverse of this notice for your information.

In order to support your child in this important step in their education, we strongly encourage that you invest in a Chromebook that will be a vital tool in your child’s learning. This tool will be used in a wide range of ways including (but not limited to):

· Accessing work on Google Classroom.

· Learning how to effectively source information from websites and videos.

· Collaborating and communicating with other students and teachers in their learning.

· Accessing learning tasks online to support their learning both in and outside the classroom.

· Reflecting and sharing their learning goals and achievements with you online.

BYOD Frequently Asked Questions.pdf