Papakura Normal Primary School - Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It

To inspire and enable young people to progress toward
their future equipped to meet the challenges ahead.
To develop thoughtful, sensitive and responsible citizens
who care for others and their environment.
Our Values:
Respect, Excellence, Commitment, Perseverance
Our Values:
Curiosity, Co-Operation, Honesty, Tolerance


Thoughtful, sensitive and responsible citizens who care for others and their world 






To be effective it is essential that the school has a working environment which is both safe and healthy for pupils and employees. This policy should be read in conjunction with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.


The board of trustees is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all workers, students, visitors and contractors by complying with relevant health and safety legislation, regulations, New Zealand standards, and approved codes of practice.


The board of trustees is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all workers, students, and other people in the workplace. We will achieve this through:

·         doing everything reasonably possible to remove or reduce the risk of injury or illness

·         having emergency plans and procedures in place

·         making sure all incidents, injuries and near misses are recorded appropriately

·         investigating incidents, near misses and reducing the likelihood of them happening again

·         providing appropriate induction, training and supervision for all new and existing workers

·         working with our workers to improve the health and safety system at our school

·         training everyone about hazards and risks so everyone can work safely

·         helping workers who were injured or ill return to work safely

·         making sure contractors and sub-contractors working at the school operate in a safe manner

·         making health and safety a key part of our role


All workers are encouraged to play a vital and responsible role in maintaining a safe and healthy workplace through:

·         following all instructions, rules, procedures and safe ways of working

·         keeping the work place tidy to minimise the risk of any trips and falls

·         reporting any pain or discomfort as soon as possible

·         reporting all significant injuries, incidents and near misses

·         helping new workers, staff members, trainees and visitors to the workplace understand the safety procedures and why they exist

·         being involved in improving health and safety systems at work

·         reporting any health and safety concerns or issues through the reporting system

·         wearing protective clothing and equipment as and when required to minimise your exposure to workplace hazards.

Others in the workplace

All others in the workplace including students and visitors are encouraged to:

·           follow all instructions, rules and procedures while in the school grounds

·           report all injuries, incidents and near misses to a teacher or other staff member

·           wear protective clothing and equipment as and when required to minimise your exposure to hazards while learning

Students are provided with appropriate health and safety rules, information and training and are encouraged to engage in positive health and safety practices.

Health and safety is everyone's responsibility. 





To ensure high standards of behaviour across the school in all settings both inside and outside the classroom.

A copy of our Papakura Normal School Behaviour Expectations is shown in the link below.

Please take the time to talk with your child about our Behaviour Expectations Matrix.

All Settings Behaviour Matrix.PNG



If you have spare time, or would like to become more involved in the school, please join our Friends of the School Group. Information about this group can be obtained through our school office, OR from Natalie Lakai (Chair Person).




If you have spare time on a Tuesday morning from 9am to 11am, we have a group of volunteer parents who come in to help make resources for busy teachers. We would be grateful for any help received. It is also a great way to meet some of the school parents.




This is the second year that Mutukaroa, a partnership programme between school and home, will operate at Papakura Normal School.

The aim of Mutukaroa is to work with parents to help them understand how their child is progressing with their learning over their first three years at school. It is also about supporting parents to help their children in their learning and feeling more comfortable in being able to talk to teachers about learning.

Click on the MUTUKAROA LINK on the Menu Bar.



The following website has some valuable

information translated into different languages for

parents, whaanau and caregivers about 

National Standards and what they mean 

for your child/children.


It is also recommended that you read our 2015 ERO Report which gives a comprehensive description of what we are doing well to help your child / children achieve success at Papakura Normal School. 


Parents will find several learning links in the "How Can You Help With Homework" folder under "Parent Information" section that may be helpful in assisting students with Homework.

There are also websites that have been set up by some teachers on their class web page. These websites cater for the needs of students in individual rooms.


The QUICK LINK buttons for Reporting an Absence, Change of Address Details, and Bullying have been moved to the Contact Us page.