Cohort Intake & Preschool Visits


When enrolling your child for school, please come first to the main office in the administration block. Please bring your child’s birth certificate or passport to confirm that your child may attend school in New Zealand and their immunization certificate with you. We also require proof of your residence in our school zone. You will then be taken to the your child’s classroom. Completing an enrolment form prior to your child beginning school would speed up the enrolment process. These can be collected from the school office.

Papakura Normal School has implemented a policy of cohort entry system. This means that groups of 5-year olds will start school at the same time twice per term rather than on their 5th birthday. New entrants will only be able to start school after they have turned five, and there will be two entry points per term (beginning and mid-point).

Enrolling early helps us with our planning. We have planned pre-school visits to get your child used to our school. If your 5 or 6-year old attended another school and you shift them from that school to ours, the cohort entry system does not apply.

TERM ONE Intake 2 February 2021 or 8 March 2021

TERM TWO Intake 3 May 2021 or 8 June 2021

TERM THREE Intake 26 July 2021 or 30 August 2021

TERM FOUR Intake 18 October 2021 or 22 November 2021

Note: In take days do not apply to ākonga/learners that have already attended a school before. Tamariki/Children who have attended school before start school as soon as possible.


All Pre-ākonga/Learners are encouraged to have two visits before their fifth birthday. ākonga/Learners should be brought to school with a parent by 9.30 am. Due to large numbers we are only able to cater for those ākonga/Learners due to be enrolled, and all pre ākonga/Learners must be living within the school zone. Please call at the office and Mrs Robinson will take you to our New Entrant Room.

ON THE FIRST VISIT …….. 9.30 AM TO 10.45 AM

On the first visit each term we have a New Parents’ morning tea and it is intended to familiarize parents with the school environment, policies and routines. Any concerns you may have can be clarified at this time. While your children are involved in the classroom programme, parents will have the opportunity to attend an orientation session, taken by Mrs Robinson.


On this visit we encourage you to leave your child so they can experience a normal morning at school. PLEASE BE PROMPT COLLECTING YOUR CHILD. Parents wishing to observe the classroom programme are welcome to make an appointment when their child begins school. Due to the large numbers now attending pre-school visits, this is no longer possible on these mornings.


TERM ONE 3 March & 31 March

TERM TWO 2 June & 30 June

TERM THREE 25 August & 22 September

TERM FOUR 10 November & 1 December