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To inspire and enable young people to progress toward
their future equipped to meet the challenges ahead.
To develop thoughtful, sensitive and responsible citizens
who care for others and their environment.
Our Values:
Respect, Excellence, Commitment, Perseverance
Our Values:
Curiosity, Co-Operation, Honesty, Tolerance

Bullying Incident Report

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Bullying Incident Report

Papakura Normal School treats all incidents of bullying seriously. Incidents can only be dealt with if the school is made aware that a problem exists. Your help by providing as much information as possible will be appreciated. Regrettably, the school is limited in its powers with regard to incidents that take place outside of the school hours - we would urge parents to contact the police for more serious matters.

Please give your name. The information sent in this form will be treated in confidence. Given that we have received fictitious reports unnamed reports may not be actioned.

Kindly give some contact details (phone / email) so that we can contact you for further information / clarification.

Please indicate your relationship with the person being bullied?

Please give the name of the child being bullied

Please indicate the type/s of bullying that is taking place.

Please indicate the dominant location that bullying takes place.

If you know the names of the people doing the bullying please record their names.

Please provide as much information as possible so that the incident/s can be fully investigated. Time, who was there, what happened etc.