Papakura Normal Primary School - Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It

To inspire and enable young people to progress toward
their future equipped to meet the challenges ahead.
To develop thoughtful, sensitive and responsible citizens
who care for others and their environment.
Our Values:
Respect, Excellence, Commitment, Perseverance
Our Values:
Curiosity, Co-Operation, Honesty, Tolerance

School Hours

The school grounds are not supervised until 8:30a.m. The duty teacher begins playground supervision at that time, and the pedestrian crossings on Porchester Road and Walters Road will be patrolled and supervised from 8:30am to 8:55am. Children who arrive before 8:30am must sit outside Rooms 25 and 26. 

Learning begins at 8:55am and finishes at 3:00pm Students arriving late at school must report to the office before going to class. 

No child is allowed to remain in the school grounds after 3:10pm unless:

  • They are taking part in an organised practice supervised by a teacher or
  • Attend after school care with BizzyBodz or
  • Prior arrangements have been made with the Principal and/or the Office.

School Office

The Office is open between 8:15am and 3:30pm.  

Wet Days

The school does not close early when the weather is wet.

School Uniform

All students are to wear school uniform at all times unless there is a very good reason for them not wearing it.  'Parts' of uniform are not acceptable, including footwear. They must have a note of explanation.

Children are not permitted to wear long pants on grassed areas, including the different playing fields.

Jewellery (other than ear studs (maximum 1 per ear), a watch, taonga of cultural significance)  is not permitted for safety reasons. Should parents insist on their child wearing nose studs or any other jewellery that poses a safety risk to their child, they must write a letter to the Principal stating that they will take full responsibility for any injuries incurred.


Please do not double park or park on the dotted yellow line at the front of the school on Porchester Road.  This is a traffic offence and it is important that our Road Patrol children see the road clearly. No parent parking is available in the school grounds.


Children can order lunches at school. A variety is available.  Lunches are ordered in the hall from 8.30 a.m. Price lists are available at the school office. Children are not permitted to leave the school to visit the shop.

Lost Property

Children often lose their belongings.  Help us by putting their names on their clothing clearly.  Call at the school office if your child has lost anything, we might be able to help.  All lost property is put out on display on the afternoon of the second to last day of each term.  Come and look.  Lost property is housed in the Multi Purpose Room beside the School Hall..


Some stationery is available at the school for purchasing.  Teachers will send a signed request home stating what is needed and if money is required.  All other stationery is available from Warehouse Stationery in the Takanini Village.

Bicycles and Scooters

Junior children are discouraged from using scooters or biking to school.  Helmets MUST be worn by law.  No child will be permitted to ride to school without a helmet. It is recommended that those students who use scooters also wear helmets.


These can be purchased from The Warehouse, Takanini Village.