Papakura Normal Primary School - Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It

To inspire and enable young people to progress toward
their future equipped to meet the challenges ahead.
To develop thoughtful, sensitive and responsible citizens
who care for others and their environment.
Our Values:
Respect, Excellence, Commitment, Perseverance
Our Values:
Curiosity, Co-Operation, Honesty, Tolerance

Staff 2017

Senior Management


Mr Derek Linington through Dianne Parry, Principal's PA                                                                 

Deputy Principal - Senior School

Mrs Pat Te Awa - Davis

Deputy Principal - Junior School

Miss Cathy Wilson

e-Learning Leader                         

Mrs Elizabeth Van Der Klip

Teaching Staff
Room 1 Technology
Year 7 / 8

Zane Cooper

Room 2 Digital Class
Year 7 / 8

Mrs Viv Evaroa

Room 3 Digital Class
Year 7 / 8

Ms Ngarie Cole

Room 4 Digital Class
Year 7 / 8

Miss Shauna Thomas (Team Leader)

Room 5 Digital Class
Year 7 / 8

Miss Melanie Cronin

Room 6
Year 6

Mrs Lois Williams

Room 7
Year 5 / 6

Mr Cody Crispe

Room 8 Digital Class
Year 5 / 6

Mr Kevin Moorhouse (Team Leader)

Room 9

Year 3 / 4

Miss Paige Leighton - Goldstone

Room 10

Year 3 / 4

Miss Chynna Swan

Room 11

Year 3 / 4

Mrs. Davis; Mrs. van der Klip; Mr. Linington; Miss Kent

Room 12 Maori Enrichment

Year 5 / 6

Mr Derek Hetaraka

Room 13 Digital Class

Year 5 / 6

Miss Vicki Cartwright

Room 14
Year 1

Mrs Manjula Chand

Room 15

Year 1

Mrs Marama Harrington

Room 16
Year 2

Mrs Sharron Francis

Room 17

Year 2

Miss Shevone Kumar

Room 18
Year 2 / 3 

Miss Kirsten Doyle

Room 19
Year 2

Miss Emma Kay

Room 20
Year 1

Mrs Kanta Naidu (Team Leader)

Room 21 Maori Enrichment

 Year 3 & 4

Mrs Joanne McAllister

Room 22
Year 1

Mrs Kathy Danielz

Room 23
Year 3 & 4

Miss Jacqui Wrigg (Team Leader)

Room 24

Year 1

Miss Katie Grant

Room 25 Digital Class

Year 5 / 6

Mrs Jessica Mc Grath

Room 26

New Entrants

Ms Lisana Tuake

Room 27

Year 3 / 4

Ms Laura Bush


Learning Assistants:

Mrs Michaela Williams (Lead Learning Assistant; ESOL; Secretary Friends of the School)

Mrs Nancy Young (Librarian; In-class support)

Mrs Mandy Henson (In-class support)

Mrs Deborah Foley (ESOL)

Mrs Natalie Lakai (In-class support; Parent Help Organiser)

Mr Bruce McGrath (In-class support, Assistant Caretaker)

Ms Emily Smith (In-class support)

Mrs Helen Fitzpatrick (Technology Year 7 / 8 in-class support)

Ms Sharee Gahan (In-class support)

Mr. Bradley Pope (In - class support)

Ms Karen Douglas

Ms Nadia Gillbanks 


Office Staff:

Mrs Dianne Parry (Office Manager and Principal's PA) 

Mrs Hennie Bonniface (Executive Officer)

Mrs Carleen Robinson (School Secretary)



Mr Tim Grey

Assistant Caretaker

Mr Bruce Mc Grath


Mr Ray Holland


Part - time Teachers:

Mrs Felicity Auva'a, Mrs Stephanie Brough, Mrs Margaret Hill,

Mrs Jennifer Martinovich, Mrs Margaret Vlaar, 

Mrs Glenys Mason, Mrs Wendy Watson, Ms Keryn Yip, Ms Dee Smith, Mrs. Haruru Douglas


Social Worker in Schools:

Mrs Kathy Hori


Mutukaroa Co-ordinator; PB4L Co-coach

Miss Sarah Kent: Email -


Resource Teacher Literacy:

Mrs Christine Whibley: RTLit



Mrs Jennifer Martinovich: Physical Education

Mrs Felicity Auva'a: Music and Performing Arts