Papakura Normal Primary School - Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It

To inspire and enable young people to progress toward
their future equipped to meet the challenges ahead.
To develop thoughtful, sensitive and responsible citizens
who care for others and their environment.
Our Values:
Respect, Excellence, Commitment, Perseverance
Our Values:
Curiosity, Co-Operation, Honesty, Tolerance



Term 3 2012

Filled Rolls: Ham or Chicken - $2.80   

Vogel Sandwich: Chicken - $3.20

Sandwiches: Ham and Egg, Ham and Salad, Ham & Cheese, Cheese, tomato & lettuce, Chicken and Mayonnaise, Chicken, Ham, Marmite and Chip - $2.80

Our supplier will make sandwiches to order (within reason)       

Popcorn small - $0.70           

Le snax - $0.70

Muesli Bars - $0.70

Water - $1.20            

Milk Drinks - $1.20

Mondays and Fridays

Pies: Mince, Mince & Cheese, Potato Top and Apple - all $2.20 each


Wednesday is Subway day - order envelopes need to be at the office by 2.00pm on Tuesdays. Orders are delivered to class Wednesday.