Papakura Normal Primary School - Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It

To inspire and enable young people to progress toward
their future equipped to meet the challenges ahead.
To develop thoughtful, sensitive and responsible citizens
who care for others and their environment.
Our Values:
Respect, Excellence, Commitment, Perseverance
Our Values:
Curiosity, Co-Operation, Honesty, Tolerance





Year 7 & 8 are involved in a Technology Programme run on site.  Technology fees are to cover consumables related to this programme and 'student take home' items.

2018 Technology Fees are $30.00 per pupil per term or $120.00 per pupil per year.



The Board of Trustees have set the 2018 School Donation as follows;

$100.00 per pupil per year or $25.00 per pupil per term.

$80.00 per pupil per year if paid before the 31st March.

A receipt is issued at time of payment as School Donations are tax deductible.

School Donations are used for additional programmes run throughout the school eg. Digital devices, cultural uniforms and specialised sports equipment.


We welcome payments via EFTPOS, internet banking or automatic payments for any items related to your child's schooling.


Please state your child's name and a brief description of the payment made in the reference area for any online payments.

Our bank account number is:


12 3209 0299297 00

Please contact the office if you wish to arrange part payments.