Papakura Normal Primary School - Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It

To inspire and enable young people to progress toward
their future equipped to meet the challenges ahead.
To develop thoughtful, sensitive and responsible citizens
who care for others and their environment.
Our Values:
Respect, Excellence, Commitment, Perseverance
Our Values:
Curiosity, Co-Operation, Honesty, Tolerance

Our School

Opening in 1954, Papakura Normal School was attached to the Ardmore Teachers’ College as a practice and demonstration school for teacher trainees.  The school is now associated with the Auckland University Epsom and Manukau Campuses. 

We have two Maori language enrichment units, Rooms 12 and 21, both with multi-level classes - Y3 - 4 are in Room 21 and Y5 - 6 in Room 12. 

The main school is made up of five teams:

Senior School: Year 7/8

Middle School: Year 5/6

Junior  School.: Year 1; Year 2; Year 3/4

The Principal of the school is Derek Linington who will take responsibility for all Principal's discussions held with students.  The Deputy Principal Senior School is Pat Davis. The Deputy Principal Junior School is Cathy Wilson. Pat will oversee practicum reports, weekly Professional Learning Discussions, and liaise with the Auckland University Epsom and Manukau Campuses.

Pre- Practicum Contact

Contact between Associate Teachers is encouraged prior to the commencement of practicum - a face to face meeting is often an excellent way to start a new relationship. It is recommended that students use the following steps to make contact with their respective Associates.

1.    Contact the Deputy Principal Senior School, Pat Te Awa - Davis ( who will then forward your email directly to your Associate.

2.    As a last resort - please phone the office on Ph: 09 2950530, and leave a message (remember Associates are busy classroom teachers and it is not always easy to contact them during classroom hours).

When possible, Associates will try and arrange a suitable time for a pre-practicum visit. However, should an Auckland University student already be on placement in the classroom, opportunities may be limited.

The First Day

What you can expect on your first day of practicum:

Practicum usually begins on a Monday. As the staff have an Administration Meeting at 8am it is recommended that students arrive at approximately 7.50am and sign in electronically at the school office. Students who have not yet met their Associates will be directed to them before or at the conclusion of the meeting.

A briefing with the Deputy Principal is usually held with students after the second break on the first day of practicum - this includes a brief tour of the school.

Monday is also a Staff Meeting day - students should expect to attend the Staff Meeting after school beginning at 3.15pm (if one is scheduled).

In the Classroom

An important part of our school programme is providing opportunities for you to practise teaching.  Your Associate Teacher regards you as a teacher in training and wants to assist you in every way. 

Observe carefully the routines, organisation and the methods your Associate Teacher uses to get the children to respond.  If you follow this pattern, you will get a similar response.  It is not wise to become too familiar with children. 


It is the responsibility of each student teacher to have attended the appropriate briefings at University and to have read the Practicum Brief. Staff expect that students will arrive with forethought as to their practicum goals and with their practicum folders organized. 


Each major lesson must be sighted before any student teacher will be allowed to teach.  Lesson plans must be shown to associate teachers before teaching takes place.  All reflective and assessment processes are to be adhered to, as per school and university requirements. Reflections should also be shared with your Associate.

Principal's Discussion  

These are generally held in the Boardroom or Staffroom at a time negotiated to suit all concerned. Please ensure you have read the guidelines included in your practicum brief. You are expected to arrive at the Principal’s discussion fully prepared with relevant questions you wish to discuss.  Discussions will be held with the Principal and/or Deputy Principal.

Professional Learning Discussions

Professional Learning Discussions will be held every Tuesday at 8am in the Board Room with the Deputy Principal.

Staff Meetings  

You are welcome to attend Staff Meetings that are held while you are on practicum.  Team and Curriculum Team Leaders will invite you to attend their meetings. Please try not to leave during a meeting.  If this is necessary please ensure your Associate knows you will be leaving. Generally, an Administration Meeting is held each Monday morning at 8.00am and Staff Meetings (usually for professional learning development) are held each Monday afternoon from 3.15 – 4.30pm.

Car Parking   

Students are welcome to park in the staff car parks off Walters Road and  Porchester Road. Diagonal parking is also available on Walters Road in front of the Junior Block. Please observe all turning restrictions - particularly on Walters Road.

Student Identity Tags  

On the first morning of the practicum all students are issued with ‘Student’ tags. The reason for these tags is purely for safety reasons - all persons (other than pupils and staff) must be wearing a ‘Visitor’ or ‘Student’ badge when in the grounds. The purpose for this policy is so that anyone who is not authorised can be quickly identified by a staff member. These tags should be returned at he conclusion of the practicum.


School Documents and Records  

Please use these within the school. We would recommend some restraint with regard to the wholesale copying of Policies – sometimes it is the procedures that you are more interested in. Please ensure Policies are relevant before copying and check with your Deputy Principals or Associate Teachers before copying. Policies are available from your Associate Teachers.

Active Supervision  

Student teachers are required to complete Active Supervision with their Associate, however, you are welcome in the playground at any time. A copy of the Active Supervision Roster is available from your Associate Teascher. 


If student teachers are wanting to take disciplinary action in regards to a child, please discuss it with your Associate first.


A suitable standard of dress is expected of each student teacher. Students who are inappropriately dressed will be advised by their Associate or the University Professional Supervisor.


Copying can be made on the copier in the Teacher Work Room.  You will be given a code for the photocopier on arrival at Papakura Normal School.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones should be used sparingly while at school. Please consider how it looks to the school pupils if you are wandering through the school texting during breaks or you are sitting in the staffroom ignoring others while you text! Your mobile phone will be turned off during class time and meetings.


Can be ordered at school from 8.30am from parents in the lunchroom (Hall kitchen). Additionally, the dairy opposite the school supplies good quality food for lunches etc.


It is a legal requirement that all New Zealand schools are Smoke Free. There is no smokingat Papakura Normal School at any time. Student teachers who wish to smoke must leave the premises and be out of sight of the school grounds.


From time to time you will use resources from various resource rooms or be asked to return resources after use by the class. Please ensure that you return the items to their correct place and if in doubt please check with your Associate or another staff member. Do not dump and run!


To help us to help other student teachers we would like you to participate in a debriefing session at the end of your practicum. A discussion will be held with the Deputy Principal Senior School, and written feed back and feed forward asked for. Your comments and constructive feedback is always welcome so that we can help to improve the opportunities for student teachers at Papakura Normal School.


We would remind student teachers of the importance of professional behaviour during their placement at Papakura Normal School. Please respect the confidentiality aspect of your placement by ensuring that information you use in your studies is used solely for that purpose and does not in anyway identify a student. Also remember that care is required when discussing programmes and children in public and on Social Media.

Photos / Videos / Resources

Students are welcome to take photos and videos for the purposes of record keeping, enhancing their future teaching practice and e-portfolios. However, students should check with their Associate prior to taking photos etc and ensure complete confidentiality and privacy:  

*   no names should be used with photos and videos

*   intellectual rights / ownership should be acknowledged

*   copyright laws should be respected

*   the school, Associate Teacher and children should not be identifiable on records retained

*   where a child can be identified in a photo or video, either the face should be blurred or permission obtained to use the photo.

Deputy Principal  

The Deputy Principal Senior School is available to answer any questions related to the school.  She is also available to help with any problems or concerns you may have.

Final Morning  

On the last day of your practicum the school has an open morning whereby students are invited to visit other classrooms in the school between 9.30am and 11am. Students are requested to hand in their completed feedback document and ‘Student’ Badge to the Deputy Principal Senior School or Practicum leader before leaving. 

Good luck and best wishes for a successful practicum.  Remember if you do have a problem, ask.